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... "To take a child seriously means to recognise that without language they are an equal conversation partner."

A warm welcome to be:bi


be: bi stands for care and education - but also for the phonetic spelling of 'Baby' ['be: bi].

be: bi is a broad concept of humanity.

be: bi is a loving, warm and successful parenting style in an optimal environment.

The "be: bi Care & Education GmbH" is your reliable partner in the reconciliation of family and work.

How did it come about?

The current CEO, Matthias Lebschy, born 23.12.1979, made himself in 2008, self employed as a child carer and tutor under the name of "care and education". In January 2009, it became "be: bi Care and Education gGmbH", whose statutory purpose is the ownership of this crèche.

This was 2010, the "recognition as a carrier of youth welfare" and operates, since September 2011, in the Rotenackerstraße 33, 73732 Esslingen St.Bernhardt the nursery  “Pfauenage”.

We look forward to your visit

Matthias Lebschy and the be:bi Team







Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch

Matthias Lebschy und das be:bi Team



be:bi Betreuung & Bildung
gemeinnützige GmbH

Matthias Lebschy, Geschäftsführer
Rotenackerstraße 33
73732 Esslingen

Tel   +49(0)711-27360590
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