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... to accompany, without giving too little support

to encourage, without giving too much support.

Meaning of Education

A nursery is not a school.
A creche is not a nursery

When, in these pages, we are talking about development, this limits are understanding of education from academic and social education. It is rather about a pretraining of a kind of neuromatrix fed by multifacited experiences to which a child taps into later abilities skills and information. With its plasticity it is the pivot of any higher educational success.

Education in this concept refers to the support and the development of the creative process of this matrix. This needs safety, peace, calmness and trust.

So that the spirit can grow, we try to achieve an atmosphere of trust in our nursery. Accademic achievements do not stand in the forefront but that the child feels comfortable.

Our employees take time to complete all standards of care, to help putting on clothes and for example what is really important but is easy to forget that the children have enough fluids. So eating, drinking and brushing teeth are in the forefront are completed with joy and a sense of calmness. 



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