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... " Joy is the reason why - some soar high.

In health and without pain - your place on earth you gain."



Guiding Principle

Mission Statement "Being there together"
The vision of the nursery places the dignity of every person in the centre.

"It needs to do nothing in order to become, also one must have nothing. Only togetherness is needed as the basis of humanity."

“Being there together” means:


 Learning from each other.


 Having time for each other.


 Being with one another.

Respecting one another and is established on three levels:


1. The relationship between caregiver and child.

First, the "unconditional acceptance of the the correctness of the human being” and connected to this is to understand and to fulfill the expectations of the child.


2. The relationship of the carer to him/herself.


Here we are referring to “ a love of life and the necessity of the day as an opportunity to create room to move. Moreover, the importance of the person as an example that is set.”


3. The relationship between the child and the factural surroundings.

Here we are referring to creating an appropriate educational setting for the child.



4. The relationship between the child and the social surroundings.

Here we are referring to the group situations for every single child, its specific needs for contact and community but also for calm and safety.












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