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... "Come on let´s stop that stupid fight, here and now let´s make it right."

Mission Statement Level One: Carer and Child.

How do you set a mission statement into concrete actions?

Jean Liedloff (US Author and  Pschycotherapist, 1926-2011) advocates for a continuum theory for every human. The continuum of a human being comprises of particular concrete life circumstances and behaviours which are connected to thousand of years of evolution. The expectations of a baby (for example, through air, food and body contact) must be catered for through its surroundings so that a feeling of correctness can develop to be right – in this place, in this time and in this community. This feeling is of great importance for the formation of the human psyche and leads to later possible interventions which will be understood. From this position of security of being right comes self confidence.

Patterns of respect and acceptance come from this general principle and are passed from generation to generation and these concepts are the basis of every social contact.

Following such a viewpoint we can accept the child as “right” and its needs can be met even if his or her behaviour is “wrong”.

To take a child seriously means to recognise that its crying may be an expression of a desire that cannot be fulfilled and therefore cannot also be helped by giving in.

Much more is achieved by, with support, making him/ her aware that it has to deviate from its standpoint.

Further expression of this elementary preservation of elf-esteem is the use of the term “expectation.” In contrast to the meaning of the term “needs” the notion is that the carer moves to this position in a similar role. One can say, that the child expects, of course, that it can sleep when it is tired, that it can breath when it wants, eats when it is hungry and have security, it will be carried when it wishes and finally take part in things when it wants. The child needs people, interaction and recognition, it expects that everything is how it naturally should be.

From the first days of its life, the human expresses itself respectively. He/she sends many facited signals out so that it might be understood. And precisely that is the level between carer and child.




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