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„You have to do it anyway – do it with good grace!”

Barbara Dassinger, mother of 6 (Grand mother of the founder)

Mission Statement Level 2 Carer

Being genuine and having a love of life

Through the fact that a person can provide stability and a good example, the image and the principle of life of the carer have central importance. Only those who know the principle of his or her own life and lives it can act as a “home harbour”, a smoother of tensions and answer the needs with understanding, calm and love for the child.

The ability to experience the needs of daily life and to allow room for manoever even in stress can be regarded as indicators for a love of life and a sign that the person is suitable as a carer. A capable person mediates life alone through her being a wonder, busy and full of joy. She differentiates neither between “work” and “freetime” but discovers together with the children and in every possibility the chance to grow.





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