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"Imagine that there are no cigarette butts and glass shards on the playground!"

Mission Statement Level 3: Child and Things

Inspired by Maria Montessori, the surroundings of the child is seen as educationally effective. Her ideas are evident in the choice and storage of games and educational material,moreover from the layout of the premises and how our “Butterfly” nursery will look inside.


“Optimal Surroundings” is an environment that a child can move about freely and find challenges measured by his or her development. Its advantange lies in the fact that the surroundings are pre-excluded by the idea “be careful – don’t touch that.” Instead, the child finds for him/herself explanatory material, sound, temperature, space and overview are adjusted to the expectation of the child. The space offers things for animation but also opportunities for resting.

Only in such surroundings can the carer adopt a position of observation and holding back and the children can fully display their autodidactic skills. A child doesn’t need many toys for play, but finds the mode to play more interesting. He or she needs rather a harmonious mood, time and encouragement. After the motto “less is more” we prefer to distract the attention of children by a blade of grass, a tea bag or a snail in the garden as to offer too many toys.

In a moment, a little seesaw comes out of a small piece of wood and a board  and when a piece of rope is placed on the floor it becomes a tightrope.
Targeted developmental offers creatively engage with the environment in order to create optimal conditions. An effective educational environment remains in  the daily schedule and is variable and changes with the expectations of the children.





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