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..."I am like you, you are like me. We all are built of fantasy" (Andreas Bourani)

Mission Statement 4 Child and people

A human is a social being which can experience through interaction with others as well as the self. One of the insights into correct care and education is possible singularly but also as a group experience and the possibility to retreat into one’s own space. Also that every member of the group at anytime is understood in what he or she expresses and is taken seriously.

In association with children of a simlar age group thus a similar world of experience is formed and gradually social skills. To stop frustrations, we would intervene when a child takes his freedom over the freedom of another child, for instance, takes something away from him or her. Themes such as “mine” and “yours”, empathy and patience would be communicated on eye level.

The integrated approach and with the collected care of the children with or without disability or chronic illness, also cultural and ethnic diversity puts forward a very important enrichment.


The human image from nature corresponds to social competant people. Every child can experience his totally individual development success in the community and his skills instead of his weaknesses would be strengthened and taken seriously.






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