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Effortless Activity

This means to do things in harmony. The term goes back to Lao-tse and is explained in the section Leitbild 

 Leitbild, Betreuungsperson, This is the so called wirking example.  Through a good mood and meaningful activity the children learn the best autodidactic.

 For the daily running of the nursery there are activities that are classically the responsibility of a caretaker:

e.g. putting up shelves, oiling the doors, mending buggies, digging the sandpit, cleaning toys and repairing them, mowing the lawns. Just like earlier in village life, the children will play a part.

We are coming from the point of view that real housework (sewing, hanging up pictures, building cupboards...) awake a real interest in children with the possibility that they can do this too.

When there are  no cycilcal phanomenum then we bring classical development and play to the basic ideas of our teaching.



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