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Freetime, Education, Play

As the fourth and last block in our daily routine, we have freetime and play as well as development in the centre. Developmental specific education through play (aimed at the right sort of age group) is the classical part of this concept. Therefore knowledge flows through the brain which is targetted, for instance through particular movement  which supports the development of learning and other skills and other abilities.

Enhancement of balance in daily connections through terms such as "behind" and "in front", "more" and "less","above" and "below" build a basis, for example for a mathematical understanding.


Because of our attractive and open plan space, the children find a lot of things to do and can play by themselves for a long time.

 Small experiements such as tea bag - rockets, humming-pegs, floating tissue, bubbles and jumping air-balloons seek to entertain and inspire the children

 Also more complicated activities like body painting and puppet-theatre.

Under the heading Pädagogik you can find other building blocks for our developmental work in our nursery.




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