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..."Colomba, you have cooked well today." (Luca, 3 years old)


Children must be able to profit from all the nutrients in the many foods that they need for growth. Therefore we will watch out for measured and healthy food.

The wife of the manager cooks creatively with a mediterranian influence. Thereby mostly organic food is used. However, we prefer to use the zucchini from Grandpa's garden, when we know how it is grown, as opposed to the zucchini from Mexico with organic certification.

On Fridays there is a fish dish, meat about once a week and always a lot of seasonal vegetables in all kinds of variations. To ensure the high quality of food, we source them not from a major supplier, but we buy them ourself - in select stores and on the Esslinger weekly market. Either in the garden or in the house one can smell something delicious being cooked.

Breakfast and an afternoon snack is prepared ourselves with the children for instance a sandwich, cereal with yogurt, fruit and vegetable.

At the table we sing a small song, then our food tastes even better.








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