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The main acquisition of a language by people takes place in the first years of life as in later life it is not so easy, therefore the early years are the best time of life to learn a language. Therefore we have in our nursery a American native speaker as an assistant. Further support from native speakers is in planning stages. Through the daily confrontation with the English language, the children get a feeling of the existence of more languages. It would be wholly natural to organise things into other terminology and to answer the carer in their language.



Next to the direct use of English as a benefit, there are other advantages from bilinguality: they make creativity easier, one gains more confidence and has the ability to solve problems and furthermore, children are more tolerant of foreign cultures.

It doesn’t hinder in any way the learning of the mother language which is spoken at home. Occasionally, from the beginning, it needs more time to sort out the two languages. Therefore, endurance and self belief are important. Later on, the children have the ability to differentiate between the different languages and therefore they can learn the correct grammar faster.




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