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Documentation / Educational Plans

 So that we can claim to offer an educational meaningful development and upbringing to be valid, material that helps us understand the development of this children in our care must take an adequate form.

A possible picture of the uptodate stages of development would be regularly reached by swapping and decisions taken within the team with respective cooperation with the parents and guardians.

Taking into account the optimal window of opportunity for learning, when the child aquires a skill, the achieved knowledge is placed into the development plan which helps to develop the individual development process of every child. The documentation of the stages of development offers also the basis for later co-operation with the kindergarten which the children ultimately changes to.
Here ist he content followwing Kuno Bello in the developmental fields.

learning Stories

This is a series of photos of a child with a specific learning experience. So can an unhindered observation can take place.

1. Emotional development

2- Social development

3. Thinking

4. Play

5 Language

6. Space

7. Large motor skills

8. Fine motor skills


For this purpose certain tools are used.


A collection of material would be collected in a folder for every child. Craft work, photographs, stories as well as the developmental plans are.



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