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Experience of Outside-world

A single tree or fountain can, when one passes with respect, be an exciting experience of the world. In this concept, the natural interest that the children have for the environment will be taken up. Living things that are found and its relationships will be made known and explained to the children. Through the daily stay outside, children learn to know about the plants and animals, first of all from the garden and then by trips to the woods, streams and fields. The experience thereby the fascination and diversity of living things and at the sametime unity, calm and correctness. As well as primary motoric and cognitive development, expansion of the senses takes place. The recognition spectrum takes place and it allows an inner context for the child and its environment.

Elementary nature experience is “... meeting with nature, recognition of the senses, individual emotions, opening up fantasy ... determine a close connection between a knowledge of nature and a understanding of nature. ...” (Berthold Langenhorst, Elemenatare Naturerlebnispädagogik, 1997)



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