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In singing and dancing together, children experience not only music and rhythm also the basic aspects of self perception and the perception of others.
Rhythm is a fundemental quality of life (heart beat, crawling and walking movements) and a pure perception and deep feeling of safety and security).
Listening to a song from begining to end is one of the elementary ways to understand a media. At the same time the motivation is forged to bring something from beginning to end.
More senses like feeling, seeing and listening woud be stimulated.
Through play, it is easier to get involved with one another, to express emotions and to share these with other people.
The training of the voice serves also the development of the fine motoric of other parts of the body. Together with the perception and control of breathing, singing develops total body feeling and coordination.
Therefore, singing is a worthwhile experience which takes place in a circle with musical instruments.


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