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The co-operation with the parents takes place on many levels.

The hand over situation is one the most important elements. Parents are very welcome to stay for a while. nursery sees itself as a place of meeting and of play. The use of more media improves the co-operation between parent and carer.

Parents have the possibility to observe- Hospitation. They can spend the morning together with their child in the nursery.



Parents can also send us proposals in the form of letters. We have already printed out a format for you to fill in.

Once a year, for every family there is a parent interview. At this point, wishes and proposals can also be discussed as well as an overview of he child's development. The format of this interview is inspired by the thinker Kuno Beller. From this scheme the carers report over the documentation and then gathers impressions from the parents. Also the current developmental exercises will be discussed and a group plan would be set out with the themes that are current. This would be the basis of the plans for the future.


Furthermore, once a year there is a parent's evening. This takes place in a relaxed atmosphere where the teaching of the nursery is reported and current news is delivered e.g. new laws about the protection of children, co-operation in the nursery or healthy eating for small children.


But at the basis of our points of contact is the idea that there is a sensitivity to the needs of parents as you are the experts of your children.




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