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At the daily handover- in the mornings and the evenings, in the foreground are the boldily themes like how the child has slept and eaten and drunken, any noticable things about going to the toilet, how the child is doing in general. The daily contact with the parents would also be used to discuss the developmental progress of the child for instance, how it works in general, how it works with eating and brushing the teeth, how it is going at home and in the nursery.

When the parents during the process of collecting their children use this opportunity to talk together, the child has the knowledge that both sides of its life are working together. Therefore the readiness of the child would be strengthened, to let go on its social adventure. Furthermore, there are always situations when interesting details come out, they get lost without these talks. The continual development process that the child pulls through its two worlds would be ongoing also when the other side is closed.



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