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... "Thanks to the warm care, the family atmosphere, the superb premises and the whole concept, the children clearly feel happy."


The nursery „Butterfly“ was opened in September 2011 in Esslingen St Bernardt, first of all with a group of 10 children aged from 0-3 years. In March 2012, a second group was introduced. The relaxed atmosphere is recognised by even the parents and so the Butterfly nursery has achieved an excellent reputation among Esslingen care-givers.

All the advantages at a glance:
Long opening times (Monday to Friday from 7 o`clock to 5 o` clock.
We have over the whole year only 16 days of holiday (mainly over Christmas, Easter and days between holidays) instead of the 25 which is usual.
-Bilingual care in German and English.
The children at the Butterfly nursery can expect a family atmosphere.
We will treat your child as “fully human.”
We cook fresh food every day and ensure a balanced, organic whole food breakfast, lunch, afternoon fruits, vegetables and a small snack. We serve drinks with water, tea and occasionally diluted juice.
We take children under a year. In exceptional cases we take babies from four months.
We do not take industrial action so you don’t need to take into account of unplanned days.
The under-floor heating system allows us to use with the children the floor as a pleasantly warm play area.
Podium landscapes and furniture made of natural acacia wood, wall elements in organic design and pleasant natural colours makes you feel comfortable straight away.

We have around 400 squared meter play area with outdoor washing facilities, a dirt pit, sand pit and many more things that inspire the imagination and encourage adventure.
Nappies or Diapers and nappy creams, toothbrushes, Suncream are handed out by us.
For every 10 kids there are mostly 3 carers at hand.

Insulation allows for a good acustic and easily affords a restful and a pleasant atmosphere and makes it easier to achieve a development in speech.


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