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The building on the Rotenackerstraße (33, 73732 Esslingen) looks, with its fence and lawn in the front garden, at the first glance inviting and friendly.

The ground floor is without gates and the first floor has a generous entrance hall, group room , bedroom and bathroom. The concept that nature is near at hand mirrors itself in the organisational aspects of the rooms and the combination of the real wooden furniture and also in the natural formed accoustical sound proofed elements on the ceiling.


 In the basement you find the office, kitchen and utility room as well as changing room as well as storeroom.

The attachment of big balcony with steps means that there is a direct path into the garden which provides an extra playing area and a second emergency exit.

The premises takes into account the different expectations of the children, in view of  their varied stages of development which has relation to their surroundings and transports these aspects more concretely.

Details such as:

1. Built up landscapes out of natural wood.

2. Underfloor heating.

3. Air conditioned room.

4. Sound proofing.

5. Warm and natural colours which are pleasing to the eye.

6. Not a lot of toys but a lot of opportunities and time to play.

This completes the offer and makes the premises really comfortable.






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gemeinnützige GmbH

Matthias Lebschy, Geschäftsführer
Rotenackerstraße 33
73732 Esslingen

Tel   +49(0)711-27360590
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