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You can reach us daily by telephoning us by using the contact details given.Should we not manage to answer, please leave us a message with your number and we will get back to you. In terms of answering your questions per email please leave us a bit of time and we shall answer as quickly as possible.

You have the possibility the registration form to print out and can send it by email, fax or post:


If you don't have a printer then we can also send you one by post.

 The information from this will be placed on a list. When we hve free places we will contact you for a meeting where the rest of your questions will be explained.

 Those who are interested will go through a contract and other documents:


  • The business organisation Geschäftsordnung is a document,whereby the background of the contract is legally explained.
  • The Doctors power of attorney and the Emergency papers lets the carer, in an emergency,allow a doctor to complete a treatment.
  • The doctors examination as a child is registered must occur before the child comes to the nursery or by someone from the department of health.
  • The certificate of no-doubt must after a contagious disease be filled in by a doctor or someone from the department of health:Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung
  • An allowance of information for education and development is necessary so that the carer can lead such documentation. 
  • The allowance of the handing on of information of the education and development material would first be talked over and filled out, for instance when a child changes to kindergarten. Einwilligungserklärung zur Weitergabe von Daten aus der Bildungs- und Entwicklungsdokumentation So that the carer can fulfil such docmentation.
  • An allowance by parents Einverständniserklärungen der Eltern must be filled out so that a carer can take the child on trips and similar activities and also that pictures of your child can be taken for the public domain.The direct debit must be filled out: Einzugsermächtigung  Otherwise a standing order can be made.
  • The notification of Infection ( Belehrung nach Infektionsschutzgesetz ) is put into place: § 34 paragraph 5 S. 2 Infektionsschutzgesetz (IfSG)  

be:bi Betreuung & Bildung
gemeinnützige GmbH

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